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Community Health Centre inaugurated in Doti village


Sudurpaschim Province: The Rural Municipality Chairman, Mr. Lokendra Bahadur Shahi inaugurated a new Community Health Centre in a Doti village. The local people and especially women were enthusiastically attended the inaugural function and expressed their happiness with the establishment of a health facility in the village.


According to the people’s representatives, they gave priority to establishing a health facility in Dadimati, as many people were deprived of timely treatment.


While speaking at the inaugural event, Shahi informed that nobody in the village will lose their life in want of treatment now onward.


During the local level elections in 2017, various parties and their candidates promised to establish a health institution in the village. “The commitment we expressed during the elections has finally materialized after two and a half years.”-said, Shahi.


According to the Municipality Health Unit, the newly established health center provides prenatal checkups, safe maternity services, vaccination programs, and other first aid. 


According to Head of the Health Unit, Mr. Tilak Bahadur Bohara, thousands of residents in Dadimati, Amgaun, Mauda and other settlements including Neridang will benefit from the health center.


Local women, Ms. Suntali BK said- “We had to walk for hours to get treatment for minor illnesses at the Tikhattar Health Post. There was no other option. Once the health post is established, the villagers will not face such difficulties.”


KI Singh Rural Municipality has established eight community health centers in remote villages, including Dadimati. The local body plans to upgrade Durgamandau Health Post as a 15-bed hospital. 


Source: TKP