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Concept and dimensions of security have expanded: PM Koirala

Concept and dimensions of security have expanded: PM Koirala
Concept and dimensions of security have expanded: PM Koirala

Kathmandu, 18 March, 2015 : Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said the traditional concept of security as constituting only the concepts of offence and defence has expanded in modern times.


He said the traditional concept of security now has to incorporate issues as the economic, social and diplomatic dimensions as well as information, environment and natural disaster.


Addressing a programme organised on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the National Security Council  at the Council Secretariat in Singha Durbar today, Prime Minister and the Council Chairman Koirala stressed that security in the present context should be understood as a wider strategy incorporating the multiple dimensions of security of the country and the people.


Council Chairman and PM Koirala directed the Secretariat to study and analyse the entire security issues and make recommendations to the Council and the government as per its mandate. He suggested to the secretariat to equip itself with skilled human resources, appropriate technology, information and information network for it to accomplish the tasks assigned to it in an effective manner.


“The right kind of policy and plan of action could be formulated only on the basis of correct information,” PM Koirala said, underlining the need of developing the secretariat into a centre for study and research on national security as well as into a capable institution fit for facing the present security-related challenges.


He said the council, which is the supreme body responsible for formulating the long-term policy, strategy and action plan of the national security, has also been functioning analyzing the national security domain, disseminating information and as an advisory body.


Expressing the belief that the secretariat would make the security management more stronger and consolidated while keeping in mind the present and future security challenges as well, PM Koirala wished it success in ridding the country free of all types of crimes and terror to ensure a sense of security to the general public.


At the function, Defence Secretary and Coordinator of the Council Secretariat, Ishwari Prasad Poudyal, while shedding light on the objectives of establishing the council and its present status, underlined the need of further expanding the council’s business in the new constitution in the coming.


Deputy Prime Minister duo Bamdev Gautam and Prakash Man Singh, who are also the members of the council, ministers Mahesh Acharya and Neelam KC Khadka, Chief Secretary Leelamani Poudyal, Chief of the Army Staff (CoAS) Gaurav Shumsher JBR, the chiefs of the other security bodies as well as other officials were also present on the occasion.


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