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Confide your Feelings


I wonder why people get close to our heart. Why do we wait for someone’s surprising arrival in our heart? There are numerous exclamation and question marks within us which bring a stab more likely a curiosity in our heart every time. Although, our heart feels difficult, we never try to confide things to whom we have to. And sometimes, this brings a huge bridge between our loved ones.

I strongly say that Beauty never determines whether you are beautiful or handsome. So, if you like somebody or love someone because of his/her good-looking appearance, then you will never get success in your life because of your hesitation to dig the truth.

A plant with a weak root can’t stand long. In other words, you can’t walk alone in the darkness, you always lead someone who can be the savior and show you the right path. Life is a long journey, and we can’t imagine travelling alone, there will be no one to hold our hands and heal our wounds with love and affection. Otherwise, only the stab remains in our hearts.

But make sure that you choose the right person in your long journey. Choose such a person who can make your love immortal and guide you to view the vivid events of life. In contrast, earning someone’s love and care and choosing someone to gain love, care are two different things. If you want to earn love, and care, someone, you wish to make yours, you have to confide the maelstrom going through your mind for him/her. Instead of waiting and waiting desperately go and confide what you feel, whom he/she has changed your life without letting you know, and has been the confident one.

If you truly care then go ahead and confide your feelings. Before you take this step, think a hundred times for your love. Give less emphasize to physical outlook, or appearance as it is not permanent. But be with someone who can read blur in your heart and can communicate with love even though you haven’t spoken a word. Be close to someone who is able to explore your feelings and judge your emotions.

At last, if you love someone, love them back unconditionally and appreciate each and every moment you spent with your loved ones. It will remain in your life as a precious moment.

Lastly, heartily thanks to my friends who always gave me inspiration, company and feel that I have someone with whom I can rely on blindly. In addition, they always made me comfortable to confide my quashed feelings and supported me even if I was wrong to take the right path.

  • Kusum Lama