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Constitution Certain By January 22

Speaker to help make Parliament Service respected, autonomous
Speaker to help make Parliament Service respected, autonomous

Biratnagar, Dec 15:  Minister for Information and Communications, Dr Minendra Rijal, has said the country would get the new constitution by the stipulated date of January 22 as per the commitment made by the Prime Minister.

Addressing a press meet organized here by the district chapter of Nepal Press Union this morning, Minister Dr Rijal said the two-party and multi-party meetings and discussions were concentrating on the constitution’s contents. The CA would deliver the constitution respecting people’s mandate, he added.

The government has also continued talks with the parties in the Constituent Assembly and those out of the CA in order to ensure the ownership of all political parties in the new constitution, according to Minister Dr Rijal.

In response to a query, the Minister said once the UCPN-Maoist and Madhesi front joined government it would be easier to bring new constitution.

He further said the elections to the new President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker would be held after the promulgation of the new constitution.

Also a central member of the Nepali Congress, Minister Rijal said the religious secularism would be continued in the new constitution.

On a different note, he informed that executive director of Radio Nepal, Suresh Kumar Karki, was sent to the Information Ministry for he could not perform effectively. However, he refuted that Mr Karki had not got salary.



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