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Constitution through votes if no agreement by jan13: Oli

Constitution through votes if no agreement by jan13: Oli
Constitution through votes if no agreement by jan13: Oli

Kathmandu, 10 Jan 2015: CPN (UML) Chairman KP Oli has said promulgation of the new constitution must take place through voting process if the parties fail to reach an agreement by January 13.

At a press conference held at party headquarters in Madannagar, Balkhu on Saturday, Oli underlined the renewed efforts being made at the Constitutional-Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee of the Constituent Assembly (CA) to forge a consensus while adding the constitution would be delivered on the fixed date through voting and without making further delay.

“The country should not be pushed towards a point of failure, constitution must be promulgated through voting process if not agreement for which the CA regulations ought to be invoked,” he said.

“The party has remained flexible to the utmost level for agreement. The friends from the Madhesi Front left in anger and torched my effigy,” Oli said, urging the Madhesi parties to come to agreement while citing there were no reasons for boycotting the meeting.

“I was not in a hurry to get out when I had been incarcerated and now I am not in a hurry for power,” he claimed.

Likewise, UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal said there was much time left for delivering the constitution whether the parties are able to reach an agreement. He called on all parties to reach an agreement at the earliest to bring the constitution in the slated date.

Reading from a press statement issued by UML to make its viewpoint clear on the development in constitution making process and the party’s official standpoint, Secretary Pradeep Kumar Gyawali said the allegations that UML had created a ‘terror’ out of January 22, the ‘sky would not fall if constitution is not drafted’ on time and that UML was seeking a change of government has belittled the people’s mandate and insulted the party’s commitment.

In the statement, UML has termed the threats of ‘bloodbath’ and ‘calls for readiness for another war’ in the parliament, which was made in contradiction to the ruling parties determination to push for process and two-thirds votes as the final alternative to deliver the new constitution, as not concerning but unacceptable.


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