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Construction Of Houses Above Two Storeys Restricted


May 19, 2015: Constructions of new buildings above two storeys has been restricted by the government and has decided until mid- July not to approve the blue prints of the new houses.

Regarding the need for reviewing rules related to building construction the ministry of federal affairs and local development took these decisions.

Those who have already got approval for their building design from municipality and who has already started the construction wooruld be allowed to construct only two cornstruction in the cur. And for those who have alreadr receieved the approval of blueprints but yet to sart the construction wouldnot be permitted to start their construction in the current fiscal year which ends in mid-july.

Som Lal Subedi, secretary of MoFALD said that the massive damage to the building infrastructure from the earthquake has necessitated the need of amending the building code.He added that they will resume blue print approval based on new building code from next fiscal year.


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