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Contentder- the Platform to Develop and Digitally Market a Website launched


Sydney, December 13, 2017: Contentder, an Australia based IT Company, in collaboration with, Braindigit IT Solutions released a compelling website creation and management platform, Contentder.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) based website development platform enables a seamlessly easy website creation, its modification, and digital market management for every individual or small business regardless of their underlying technical expertise.

Mr. Nischal Pradhan, the CEO of Contentder said, “Contentder was built with a vision to induce effortless professional yet beautiful website building and also pave a successful digital marketing path.”

Contentder comes with an assortment of highly responsive, unique templates besides the ready-to-use components, ensuring that the users be able to create and get started with the website quickly and easily. With the implementation of optimized security options, the data of the user-created sites are stated to be much safer and reliable. Amazing range of free templates available in Contentder makes your website building experience even more smooth and easy.

“At Contentder, though it’s targeted to people with limited or no coding experience, an entire section is present for developers and designers where they can contribute their components and templates and become an influential part of our family,” said Mr. Alok Pandey, the CTO of Contentder.

To start building website with Contentder, follow the link: https://www.contentder.com/Login

By: Prashant Bhandari