Cooperatives Act to be amended

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Cooperatives Act to be amended

Kathmandu, 8th January, 2015 :  Stakeholders have reiterated for the amendment of the Cooperatives Act.


They have pointed out the need of amending the Act as the cooperative was a risky sector, arguing that it should be amended considering the good governance, international conventions and the security of the institution, among others.

Cooperatives Act to be amended
Cooperatives Act to be amended


Speaking in an interaction programme organized by the Nepal Cooperatives Journalists Society in the capital today said so.


Similarly, Joint secretary at the Ministry of Urban and Poverty Alleviation, Suresh Pradhan said that the preliminary draft of the act has been forwarded to the Ministry of Law and it would be sent to the Council of Ministers for further action.


He further said that the people who were affiliated to the cooperatives draft the act and they themselves reiterated for amendment, it’s quite controversial.


On the contrary to the joint secretary’s remarks, KB Upreti, Managing Director of the National Cooperatives Bank said that there was less chances of amending the act.


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