Cornea Collection Center Started by The Mechi Eye Hospital

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Jhapa, March 23, 2018: Cornea transplant has been started at ‘The Mechi Eye Hospital’ which is providing services by setting up a ’Cornea Collection Center ‘.
After the establishment of the hospital, the availability of cornea transplant services in the district itself has made it easier for the locals as they will no longer have to travel to Kathmandu for this service.Availability of this facility has brought cheers to the eye patients and the people who want to donate their cornea posthumously.
Tilganga Health Institute and the Eye Bank has provided technical assistance for setting up the ‘Cornea Collection Center’. The hospital administration has stated that the eye hospital has so far carried out 151 cornea transplant operations.
Annually, 160 thousand people from Nepal, India and Bhutan have been go through eye treatment and transplant services from the hospital. The hospital conducts 25 thousand eye operations annually.

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