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Corporate Roadies: Making Youths Competent to face the Real Management World

Inauguration Celebration of Corporate Roadies
Inauguration Celebration of Corporate Roadies

Kathmandu, April 7, 2016: Kathmandu is hitting big in the corporate world, and Business Schools like the King’s College are making sure that the soil in corporate field is fertile and more young people are getting into it by making management skills the new “sexy”. The programme ‘Corporate Roadies’ organized by Ideas and Solutions Pvt. Ltd. seeks to make young entrepreneurs, business graduate students and corporate enthusiasts to come together and push themselves in a series of tests to take away the grand prize, whole one lac Rupees!

The intense fifty plus hour programme, with the 35 selected participants from various colleges and universities competing with each other, will require them to put on presentations solving management problems to meet the expectations of the judges who are renowned for their business skills in Nepal and beyond.

The programme with the slogan‘Hunt for an Ultimate Gladiator’ was inaugurated this morning by calling upon stage Mr. Abhimanyu Basyal managing director of Ideas and Solutions to present badges to Anil Keshari Shah, CEO at Mega Bank as the chief guest and guests Mr. Kishor Gautam, Director at KMC Educational Network and Mr. Narottom Aryal, Director at King’s College and other dignitaries from the corporate world at King’s College auditorium.

After the speeches of the two guests, Kishor Gautam and Narottam Aryal, which included inspiring words to the participants and corporate banters, Mr. Anil Keshary Shah took the stage and talked extensively on how competition is the core of development. He further said that this competition is not with anyone others, but with our own selves. He asked the participants to take this chance to prove themselves in Kathmandu and beyond.

This columnist got to interview two participants attending the programme to share about their experiences. Bipashyana, one of the interviewee, said that more and more women should be getting into such competitions which imparts them with new energy ultimately making them more able to face the real business world. Her multitasking abilities and quick thinking skills seemed to be worth praise, as she was up to hit the podium in a few minutes to give presentation while also giving thoughtful answers to the interview questions.

Santosh Bastola, the other participant currently studying at Liberty College said that he was interested on trying something new. He said with great enthusiasm, “I don’t want to become just another brick in the wall. And, this competition is just the right place to pursue my innovative idea in the corporate field”.
According to him, competitions like this are the best platforms for the business school students with a vision to change the business and corporate scenario and to prove that youngsters are competent enough to pursue their ideas and face the challenges ahead.

One would think that the word ‘Roadies’ doesn’t really go with the corporate look but these participants seem to be ready as gladiators to face the challenges lying ahead in the corporate environment.

Glocal Khabar as the official media partner will keep you updated with the latest news as it unfolds from the corporate-marathon ongoing at King’s College.

By Sarker Shams Bin Sharif