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Coupon compulsory to fetch water in Gorkha


Gorkha, May 22, 2016: With the beginning of the summer season, people are facing a severe shortage of drinking water across the country. And Gorkha is no exception.

The water sources have gone dry resulting in shortage of water supplies. Meanwhile, locals in the district headquarters are forced to show coupon to fill their buckets and vessels with water every day.
The Baraha Drinking Water User’s Committee has distributed separate coupons for house owners and tenants to fetch water in the area. The committee has arranged water supply since 4:00 am to 12:00 pm every day and locals are forced to show a coupon to fetch water.

There are 500 households in the settlement depending on the same source. Each house with cattle can fill three bucket-full of water while the households who do not own cattle get only two buckets of water.

Over 100 sources of water have dried up in the district and people are facing difficulties to meet their daily drinking water needs.

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