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Coursebooks Distributed to Students at Admission


Kathmandu, April 22, 2019: This year, most of the schools in Darchula have received the coursebooks necessary for their students. This became possible after responsibility for the education of children up to the second level had been constitutionally bestowed upon the local level government.

Schools are now distributing coursebooks to students at the time of admission. Ganesh Binayak Secondary School in Naugad Rural Municipality has started coursebook distribution alongside the admission campaign. Teacher Jagatsiha Chaisir stated that the distribution program started in the presence of the Chairman of Naugad Rural Municipality, Nandan Singh Dhami.

The students appear excited because they got the necessary coursebooks at the start of the school year. There are almost 800 students currently enrolled in Spiti, and all of them have received the necessary books. Balkalyan Primary School in Malikarjun Rural Municipality has encouraged parental involvement in the admission process.

Teacher Bhuwan Panthi explained that the books were distributed in the presence of the students’ guardians. He said “This is the first time that books have been distributed to students in the presence of their guardians. Currently, the schools in two Municipalities and all seven Rural Municipalities in the district are conducting book distribution programs alongside the admission campaign.

“Admissions and book distribution campaigns are being conducted in the first phase,” said the principal of Mahadev Secondary School Ghusa in API Mountain Rural Municipality. Principal Shersiha Dhami further explained, “We will enroll the students who missed out in the first phase through door-to-door enrolment services.”

This campaign for students has begun in all nine local administrations with the slogan “Our city, our village, let’s get all children to school”. Excitement emanates from all the schools of all  Municipalities and Rural Municipalities as the campaign goes on. This campaign started in 2061 BS so that all school-age children who are not currently enrolled can get enrolled.

The first phase of this campaign will continue until 15 Baisakh. After that, the second phase will start, wherein the search for children who missed enrolment in the first phase will begin. According to previous statistics from the Unit of Education Development and Coordination, Darchula, almost 3% of all school-age children remain unenrolled. There are 632 schools in the district at present, including 219 Primary Schools, 56 Lower Secondary Schools, 42 Secondary Schools, 25 Higher Secondary Schools and 17 Organisational Schools.