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CREASION to organize ‘Hamro Cycle Yatra 2018 – Honoring Waste Workers’


Kathmandu, June 7, 2018 : CREASION (Center of Research and Sustainable Development Nepal) is organizing ‘Hamro Cycle Yatra 2018 – Honoring Waste Workers’ on June 9, 2018 to raise awareness about the crucial and notable contribution of waste workers to the society and hailing them as Green Heroes.

The program starts from 7 am on Saturday that comprises cycling and walking rally with waste workers, scrap dealers, youth activists and supports. The rally will start from Narayan Chaur and end at Shivapuri Higher Secondary School, Baluwatar followed by the recreational activities and refreshments. In addition to the refreshments, primary health care services and first aid kits to ensure the safety of sanitation will be provided at the venue.

The main objectives of the event is to give social recognition to our sanitation workers as an integral part of our society for a healthy livelihood and to raise awareness about the advantages of the use of cycling, an eco-friendly means of transportation for reducing air pollution and controlling traffic. This event is going to be the symbol of unity with a slogan #DignityForAll. People from all walks of life come together celebrate this event by honoring our Environmental Hero i.e. Sanitation Workers.  

“There are a lot more emotion and sentiments tied and it would be injustice to call just a cycle rally. Through this event, we are trying to achieve a long-lasting, positive image of our public service heroes, our environmentalists, while also motivating the young generations to raise their voice and act wisely”, says Roshna Subedi Mishra, Program Officer at Volunteer for Change (VFC).

CREASION is a nonprofit organization that works to harness the potential of youth in society. By providing volunteering opportunities through its program, VFC (Volunteer for Change), it provides a platform to channel the energy and creativity of youth in programs that benefit the society.

The event is being organized with the support from Nepal Bank Ltd., Shivapuri Higher Secondary School, Balwatar, Community Police Service Center, Nil Saraswatisthan, Lazimpat, Kathmandu Dental Hospital, Mannmohan Hospital and Mero Hospital.