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Create your first positive impression


15 December, 2015: 

“Seven minutes is all you get to make a positive first impression. In the first seven minutes of contact with your church, your first-time guests will know whether or not they are coming back. That’s before a single worship song is sung and single word of the message is uttered.” – Nelson Searcy

You have noticed that it takes about 5 to 8 sec for someone to create a statement on somebody. At times you meet people and you comment, Oh my god!! that people was weird or he/she was not at all impressive. Likely are you afraid that you meeting someone would also make them think the same about you. Well, that is why you need to create a positive first impression and not let these worries bother you. Here are some tips that will help you to create a good positive first impression.

1. Set an intention: It is essential for you to set an intention especially when you are going to attend a big event which means where you know you are going to end up meeting some new people; that can be on a conference, or may be at a social gathering or may be at a friend party or even for an interview. These are the places where you definitely end up meeting people. So when you’re getting ready, getting dressed up, or when you’re driving or travelling, to get to the event, make sure you stay calm and composed and think what kind of interaction you would like to have with these new people that you would meet. Now this is important because this will help you to stay focused and also give you that positive energy for that kind of event you would be attending. So do settle intention, little bit of thought and some practice will help you to form a positive impression.

2. Present yourself appropriately: Definitely your physical appearance does matter because the people you are meeting for the first time doesn’t have a clue about you. They don’t know anything about your experience, intelligence, knowledge. All they can see is your physical appearance and that would kind of give an idea about what kind of person you are, so it is important for you to dress appropriately. If you are attending a business meeting or any formal event, make sure you are dressed up in formal attire. If you are attending a party or a social event, make sure you are dressed up appropriately as the event demands. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to look like a model, just a perfect grooming and personal hygiene would also help you. Thus physical appearance matters and that is why you present yourself appropriately.

3. Be open and confident: Body language does matter, in fact it speaks louder than words. So it is important for you to show confidence and how would you do that? Well you need to smile when you meet someone for the first time. Make sure that you stand tall, and project that kind of confidence and of course make a good eye contact, that’s extremely important. Because when you are looking somewhere else while meeting someone, it simply shows that you are not interested in meeting that person. A good eye contact, a firm handshake, and smiling will definitely help you to project confidence and most importantly do avoid your nervous habits, like biting nails, playing with your hair or with your phone.

4. Be courteous and attentive: It goes without saying that good manners and being polite to someone definitely work and helps you to present a very positive impression to someone. Your new acquaintances definitely deserve 100% of attention. When you are meeting someone be polite, be gentle. You don’t have to sound very rude, and make sure that you let them know that you are listening to them. Don’t start talking about your own matter; rather start on with some general talk like say about the current affairs, or a movie etc. Make sure whatever you talk have some sense and of course make sure you listen to the other person too.

5. Close on a good note: This means you would want that person wanting you for more. And how would you do that? Well show that you are extremely happy to meet that person. While saying a goodbye to that person, use words like “It was great talking to you, Robin”, or “It was pleasure meeting to you, Robin” and with this note you can exchange your business card or e-mails or even your phone numbers. This will help you to stay in touch with that person.

Remember you do not have a second chance to create a first impression!!


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