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A Creative Get-Together

A Creative Get-Together
A Creative Get-Together

Kathmandu,12 November,2014: On Monday evening, the backyard of  the Danish Embassy, Lazimpat, was filled with a crowd of creative people.

Six different organisations, all supported by the Danish Centre for Culture and Development (CKU)—working to support arts, culture and development in Nepal—got together in the venue to showcase their works and achievements.

CKU, an autonomous organisation, working in coordination with the Danish Embassy in Nepal, has been actively funding six different art and culture related projects. In line with the Danish development strategy: “The Right to Art and Culture”, CKU, through these organisations and collectives, is working in identifying both the challenges and opportunities in such areas.

The six different grantees— Karkhana, Artlab, Photo.circle, Word Warriors, Siddhartha Arts Foundation (SAF) and South Asia Communication (SAC)—presented their works during the evening.

Karkhana is a collective of young programmers, engineers and artists working on the integration of interdisciplinary teaching methods. Artlab is also a collective that is known in Kathmandu for its street art participations. Likewise, Photo Circle is a photography platform seeking voices in documenting and engaging with social change in Nepal.

Word Warriors is a spoken word poetry group which mobilises youth across Nepal to press for social change through their verses. Similarly, SAF works on promoting contemporary Nepali art, while SAC works on creating youth television shows and outreach programmes. During the event, short stints of poetry recitals and a drama were also presented by artists from Word Warriors and Karkhana respectively. Artists from Artlab then performed live painting on stage.

During the occasion, Ambassador of Denmark to Nepal, Kristeen Geelan, shared her pleasure in being able to help the Nepali community, especially youths, in making them artistically and culturally aware. And she also promised to continue the support, on behalf of her country, in the coming future.



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