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Crows admire in conference

Crows admire in conference

Kathmandu November 9, 2015: Today the first day of tihar,  an artist has organized a crow conference on this occasion of Kaag Tihar. In this day crows are worshipped.

The most gratification about this conference  is the voices of various birds and animals as well as musical instruments is reproduce by Ramesh Dulal. This conference is conducted in every year on this day to worship the crows.

Dulal’s crow conference has social cause besides reverence of bird of this species, also known as the harbinger of news from heaven and envoys of Baliraja, the king of death in the Hindu mythology.
This time the theme of the conference is: ‘Crow Conference with the Challenges of Constitution Implementation’ which held at Ratna park.

In this conference artist Dulal  uttered  sounds like crows and then dozens of crows flew into the Ratna Park and cawed along the On the occasion, artiste Dulal uttered sounds like crows to which dozens of crows flew into the Ranta Park and cawed along the artiste.

The theme of the conference was also themed on the hardships facing the countrymen due to an unofficial border blockade imposed by India on Nepal.


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