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Current Changes in GPA Status Creates Problems to Students


Kathmandu, August 21, 2018: Tribhuwan University has changed the status of GPA values which has created many problems for aspiring students.

Last year, TU provided the certificates to the graduates of Master’s Degree in Journalism. The status of the GPA of value 2.7 was considered ‘passed.’ After getting the certificates, transcripts and migration certificate for the GPA 2.7 as ‘passed’, many students among 51 graduates are already studying abroad and some are in process to apply. First batch student, Anju Thapa, who is studying in Australia currently was granted passed certificates and required documents by the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism. She passed with the GPA value less than 3 back then which is now declared ineligible.

But now, TU declared that the status of GPA of value less than 3 will not be considered ‘passed’, hence not eligible for further studies. And with this update, only 15 students out of 66 will only be considered ‘passed’ in Master’s  Degree in Philosophy. “As the eligibility was not an issue before and never been addressed by the department, I am so worried that scholarship will be taken away if my University got to know about my invalidation,” she said. Whereas Parbati Parajuli received the transcript with the remarks as ‘failed’. Also, there are cases where students are applying abroad for further studies and are now in confusion about their status as GPA.

Chiranjivi Khanal, Department Head of Central Department of Mass Communication and Journalism, defended saying that TU Semester System Operational Guideline included all the information about the GPA status which was published after the introduction of the semester system. And according to the guideline, students having GPA value of 2.7 are considered as ‘pass in the individual subject while in order to pass the semester examination.

Shiva Lal Bhusal, Dean of humanities faculty mentioned that students with the status ‘failed’ will be allowed to attend the supplementary examination.