Kathmandu, Aug. 26: The main opposition party, UCPN (Maoist), Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, taking special time at the Legislature-Parliament today, urged the ruling parties to be serious towards the implementation of political agreements.

He underlined the need of accelerating the constitution drafting being based on the past movements launched at different times. Although it was agreed to run the government based on the understanding reached between the ruling and opposition parties, the ruling parties are indifferent towards the agreements and performing arbitrarily which has led the creation of mutual distrust between the two sides, he said.

Leader Dahal further accused the government of promoting inflation, lacking sensitiveness in budget-making, boycotting the opposition parties and failing to play an effective role in constitution-drafting.

The ruling parties paid no heed to request of opposition parties to go for informal political talks, too, to create an atmosphere of distrust, UCPN (M) Chair Dahal said.

Leaders of ruling parties are not serious towards the Constituent Assembly calendar as some of them are on foreign juncture whereas some are raising questions that why it is necessary to promulgate a new constitution on January 22, 2015 as they have four years for that, he complained.

He urged the ruling parties to enforce the four-point agreement reached among the parties after the formation of the second CA, rather than putting it into the dustbin.

Stressing the need of forming High Level Political Committee to complete backlog of peace process and execute the four-point deal, he said the mechanism would help bring peace process to a logical end.

Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (Democratic) Chairperson Bijaya Kumar Gachchhadar warned that the House proceedings would not run without implementing the past agreements.

Federal Socialist Party Chairperson Ashok Kumar Rai stressed that serious thinking should be made before forging consensus and once signed the matters should be implemented.

Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Amresh Kumar Singh said activities usch as including infringement of people’s right to access to information and attack and obstruction to free press would impede in institutionalizing democratic republic.

Unified CPN (Maoist) lawmaker Agni Prasad Sapkota said flood and landslide has put life in Sinddhupalchowk at risk and the government commitment to provide relief assistance to the victims seemed hollow.

On the occasion, Speaker Subas Nembang said the House has already issued ruling in regard to flood and landslide and the committee concerned has held discussion and expedited necessary relief works to this effect.

Also speaking at the meeting are Kamala Sharma, Usha Gurung, Abhisek Prasad Sah, Madhu Shahi Thakuri, Kalasha Devi Mahara and Dr Chandra Mohan Yadav.


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