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Dalit women taking lead

Dalit women taking lead
Dalit women taking lead

Salyan, Jan 30,2015: The Dalit women in Sharada Municipality here were confined in the four walls of their house busy in household chores. But now they are emerging out of their house and taking the lead of village, thanks to their involvement in various community groups.Such groups have been providing the Dalit women a platform to unleash their creativity as well as leadership skills.The Dalit women in the district are also gearing up to ensure their participation at the VDC level in the political parties, Aama Samuha, Agriculture Committee, Drinking Water and Sanitation Committee and the like, with their exposure in various other groups.Gaajali Sunar, a Dalit woman from Sharada Municipality-8, has been coordinating meeting and assembly in the village in the capacity of the Chairperson of Small Entrepreneurs Group Association.Dalit women from villages as Marke, Simkharka, Kajeri Sapmara and Sangettol among others in the district are involved in various 19 Groups and Association under the Inclusive Citizen’s Campaign for a Responsible Governance’ launched by a non-government agencies.



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