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Dalit Women’s Conference Concludes


Kathmandu, Dec 2,2014: The National Conference of Dalit Women concluded Thursday adopting a 21-point declaration.

The conference was started on Tuesday with a theme ‘Dalit Women’s National Conference for Democracy, Justice, Sustainable Peace and Inclusive Constitution’.

The declaration has stressed the need of making the state committed to ensure political and social justice for the Dalit community by institutionalizing the democracy, ensuring national integrity, independence, sovereignty, maintaining socio-religious, and gender harmony, among others.

The declaration called on for maintaining inclusive representation in the state bodies to ensure Dalit women’s participation in policy making level and making the new constitution Dalit friendly.

Speaking at the concluding session, Chairperson Dalit Women Association Durga Sob said the state should bring programmes to rehabilitate, promote, honour and make the life of the backward community dignified.

Similarly, CPN (UML) leader Jitu Gautam, UCPN (Maoist) leader Daljit Sripaili said the state mechanism should encourage inter-caste marriage and other necessary supports for uplifting the Dalit women in the main stream of the society.

They also stressed on the need of ensuring inclusive participation in the government and appointments in state bodies.

Chairman of the National Dalit’s Commission Man Bahadur Nepali said the state should clearly explain untouchability and caste-discrimination as a social crime and take stern action against those who violate the laws regarding the caste-discrimination as per the Caste Discrimination and untouchability (Crime and Punishment) Act-2068.



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