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Damak municipality to set up ‘knowledge bank’


Damak (Jhapa), July 14, 2017: The Damak municipality in Jhapa is set to establish ‘Knowledge Bank’ – the first of its kind in Nepal – with an aim to contribute towards the town’s prosperity.

The municipality has broached the concept of the bank for Damak’s development and prosperity. It will tap into the trove of knowledge found among the academics, intellectuals associated with different sectors and the members of the public.

Damak’s Mayor, Romnath Oli, said preparations were being made to establish the knowledge bank by accumulating the views and concepts towards the town from all the sectors.

“In order to make our town prosperous and exchange the experiences found in our country and abroad, and to use the academic experience we have taken the initiative over the concept of establishing the knowledge bank,” he said.

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