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Dance of Ecstasy at Shivaratri Fest

Dance of Ecstasy at Shivaratri Fest
Dance of Ecstasy at Shivaratri Fest

8, March 2016– “Live for now, the present, not tomorrow or another day,” said Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, addressing a massive gathering of devotees who spent the night at  the Isha Yoga Centre here to celebrate Mahashivaratri on Sunday.

“At least 40 per cent of the country’s people are named Shiva. Shiva is which is not there, which is void is Shiva. Nothingness has many manifestations. Shiva means ‘that which is not,” he said.

Lakhs of people gathered for the overnight satsang and musical performances by eminent singers like Mukhtiyar Ali and Carnatic progressive rock band Agam.

The celebrations began with Sadhguru conducting the Pancha Bhuta Aradhana, an offering done to cleanse the five elements, which will lead to good health. It was followed by a Guru Pooja by the spiritual masters at the Dhyanalinga.

Sadhguru was the joie de vivre of the celebrations, guiding the multitude of devotees through chantings and preparatory spiritual processes for the night-long celebrations, which began at 6 pm on Monday.

Shivaratri is the 14th day of every lunar month. The Shivaratri in the lunar month which falls in February or March is known as Mahashivaratri. Explaining the significance of this sacred night, Sadhguru said, “Mahashivaratri is not a celebration of just cultural significance. It is of a certain scientific and spiritual significance to us. During the night, due to the planetary positions, there is a powerful upsurge of energies in every human being.”

Sadhguru asked the  the spiritually uplifted crowd to free themselves from the clutches of gravity and try touching the skies in a symbolic spiritual way. In sync with Sadhguru’s chanting of Lord Shiva’s name, the crowd was on their feet. They then went on to enjoy the musical renditions by Sufi singer  Mukhtiyar Ali and his troupe.

Present for the occasion were popular faces from the Tamil and Hindi film industry. Voice expert Ananth Vaidyanathan told Express that it was a wonderful night for him. Popular anchor Divyadharshini and actor-director Partheipan were also of the same opinion and were enjoying the night dedicated to Lord Shiva. Cultural musical programmes were held between the discourses.