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Dare to Dream!


Introspection is always a difficult process. For me, a teenager who is struggling to find oneself, introspection is even more difficult. But an even prominent aspect of my outward personality that keeps hovering in my mind is daydreaming. I am in my class listening to what my teacher has to say before I vanish from the class altogether.

Walking alone in a dark cold night, I find myself around strange glaring eyes and slowly I find out away from that place. No sooner my first dream evaporates, I am up in stage receiving Nobel Prize for discovering an effective and easy way to cure cancer. That is when a car horn breaks my chain of thought and with it my dreams. And I realize I had unknowingly strayed into the driveway a bit too far. A furious driver throws a contemptuous look as he whizzes past me. Daydreaming has persisted with me since my childhood. That is also precisely the time when I had begun embarking on voyages that took me to different but impossible realms by being at just one place.

As a child, I used to daydream about being the owner of a big candy factory and grew up eating candy all the time or built an ice-cream factory. Pathetic it may seem but I think those things always made me smile when mom didn’t let me eat chocolates or ice-cream. She didn’t let me watch cartoons on the television. I wonder why I am left surprised by my witless state. This has become a routine. I have been thinking about this problem for a long time. Friends tell me that I daydream because I am trying to run away from my day-to-day responsibilities. They tell me that this is not a good idea because I am being very unrealistic trying to escape from the truth and vanishing off to a fantasy land but recently, I have realized that this is not true.

I am not daydreaming to escape realities of life. In fact, daydreaming provides me with the strength to keep on working hard. It gives me motivation in life. It is one thing that makes me believe I have a purpose in life. I have to live and toil to make my dreams a reality someday.

Daydreaming provides me with the strength to overcome miserable situations. I like to daydream about meeting her one day, when I build a time machine. I guess I am different because I dare to be different and I dare to dream.

  • Aayush Acharya