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Date Style: According to your sign


20 November, 2015: Find out the one stylish item every zodiac sign needs for date night;


DATE STYLE: “All dates must feel like first dates to you because you’re the pioneer girl of the zodiac. You feel most like your fiery, bold self in a denim mini.”


DATE STYLE: “You’re all about contentment — and that includes making your potential partners comfortable. In a floral dress, you’re authentic, adorable and strong. In other words: Just being yourself.”


DATE STYLE: “You crave constant change, so your date best not bore you. In order to offset any dull moments in the conversation, go for graphic prints or show off your gorgeous arms in a sleeveless blouse.”


DATE STYLE: “You’re a bit shy and you definitely don’t want to put all your cards on the table on a first date. A draped jacket can shine a cancer feminine soul.”


DATE STYLE: “On a date, show off your lovely tresses with statement gold earrings, evoking just the right amount of rock star.”


DATE STYLE: “Despite your astrological symbol (the pure maiden), you’ve got a hidden, deeply mysterious side. But throw your date by wearing white, even after Labor Day.”


DATE STYLE: “You’re just beauty, but your date already knows that. Why not mix things up with a super feminine blouse and skinny pants? That strikes exactly the right balance, as you’re wont to do.”


DATE STYLE: “Whether your date’s set for midnight or you’re doing afternoon coffee, you have a rule: Keep at least 80 percent of your secrets. Make sure you’ve got a pair of flattering sunglasses in your purse at all times, so you can obscure your intentions when necessary.”


DATE STYLE: “Even if an actual soapbox isn’t available during your date, you’ll definitely figure out how to make your opinions known, no holds barred (and well you should). Strike the right tone in a bold, bright jumpsuit with cute heels.”


DATE STYLE: “You’re strong, solid and always put-together, but on a date, you should aim to loosen up a bit in a long cardigan.”


DATE STYLE: “Wear your quirky awesomeness like a badge of courage on a first date; you always think outside the box and there’s no reason not to lead with that. Dare to be different — so what?”


DATE STYLE: “You’re poetry in motion and a little bit psychic. That can intimidate potential entrants to your dating pool. But if you casually throw on a silk scarf, you’ll soften the vibe considerably and the conversation will just flow.”



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