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Daughter in Jajarkot to fulfil Hegan’s dream

Jajarkot, April 2, 2016: Renowned Swiss author and geologist Toni Hegan came to Jajarkot during western Nepal’s trekking some 60 years ago. The plight and ordeal facing the rural folks moved Hegan.

With a pledge to do something for the people experiencing plight, Hegan wrote something in his diary. Jajarkot is poor. People are impoverished here as the condition of health and education is very weak. Road construction is a must for its development. And locals have to cultivate various things to sell in the market. Hegan wrote in his diary then.

Upon his return to Switzerland, Hegan told his children about Jajarkot and people living there. “Nature has made Jajarkot beautiful. People are friendly and welcoming. But, development and topography have cursed the district. We have to do something for Jajarkot and Jajarkot locals,” Hegan had told his children.

Dr Kyathrin, Toni’s daughter, who learnt about Jajarkot’s ordeal from her father 50 years ago, is in Jajarkot. Kyathrin said she was here to fulfil her father’s dream. She organised a five-day free health camp at District Health Office, Jajarkot. Her work was supported by Med Solutions Foundation established by her back in Switzerland. Kyathrin is an expert in orthopedics and neurology. She is here to cure the patients.

She is leading the team of 18 health workers with some experts from Kathmandu to fulfill her father’s dream. “My father talked a lot about Jajarkot. He had expressed his desire to do something. Thus, I am here to fulfill his dream. I am more than elated for this”, Kyathrin said.

“Jajarkot is beautiful the way my father described its beauty then, Kyathrin said, adding, “I will come again to do something for this place and its people”.

This is the third time she is visiting Nepal. The free health camp that kicked off from last Friday will run till Tuesday.

Rajesh Maharjan, director at Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Jorpati, Kathmandu said many as 70 orthopedic patients will be operated on and counseling will be provided to more than 2,000 people. Med Solutions Foundation is funding the free health camp. “The estimated cost is around Rs $30,000,” Maharjan said.