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In Kathmandu airport, December 4, between 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock there was a rambling-sound far-away at baggage-carousal. I was grappling with my supposedly missing luggage. I had to reach hotel before 3 and it is already 5 o’clock. After a long wait of two hours, my luggage arrived at Belt No 3. I took it hurriedly and went out to find a cab for hotel.

It was the exit way that lay, on a Thursday evening in December before the first person with whom I shared my views about my new Journey.  I was looking for a driver with placard of my hotel-destination, walking slowly towards the makeshift- shelter where all the drivers and others were waiting for their arrival – guests, nears and dears. After a brief struggle I found one in a crowded corner holding a placard written with same address as I was given some days before. I greeted him in Hindi without caring whether he will understand my words or not. Since he took me towards the car-parking, I found another person waiting for us. She greeted me too and we set out for hotel.

During the journey, we shared many things and excitement about the program which we were going to attend together. At the arrival of hotel, we checked into different rooms allotted to all those program participants. I found a good room partner who not only was a creative in many things but a good singer as well.

The orientation program began that evening after dinner and continued till 10 o’clock. We had introduction session then we were told to retire to beds and prepare for tomorrow’s assignment. The next day was hectic, with lots of work on peace-building and conflict transformation in South Asian regions.

However, it was good to understand diversities in South Asia, different cultures, ethnicities, languages etc and each evening after the formal presentations were over, we used to head for city centre to have fun and enjoy late-night-evening-rides.

During those nights with new friendship that fostered quickly, unfathomable that persuaded me to discover a wonderful fact that every human being is constituted to be profound secretive and mysterious to every other: A solemn deliberation, when I was invited by my fellow friends to enter a great city by night, that every one of those darkly clustered buildings encloses its own secret, every room in every one of them encloses its own secret, every beating heart in the thousands of chests there is some of its imaginings, a secret to the heart nearest to it.

Moreover, in one of the lectures about prejudices, an epitome was set by some spoilers who spread many rumours regarding trivial issue of clicking snapshots. They had no illusions about (holding) prejudices, but plenty of illusions about the way to change our (their) world. They were at the vanguard to create the confusion in the adolescent minds of other participants. Though their understanding and insight had developed a snag to hold the water, it slips from their hands and everything become good and fair.

Nonetheless, last days of our program were full of fun and excitement. We made good friends and memories that will last with us forever. We have had a clear understanding about the people in South Asia, and tomorrow we can proudly say we have friends in South Asia who care and love us. Last day we missed one another, some stayed back for some more days and some returned to their respective destinations and countries but overall we created indelible memories.



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