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Dear Kathmandu, Bon appetit


Roaming around the streets of Kathmandu, the food stalls mesmerize you more than anything. From savory to sweet, fried to steamed, they offer you the extraordinary tastes that constantly keep us reminding how lucky we are to have this unique food story to share. And yes, every food is reasonable in price.

The recipes have been followed since generations, cooking is traditional and street food culture is a perfect blend of passion with business. This street food experience is an amazing gateway towards a most fulfilling experience that one has to have.  The exploration waits for all the foodies out there!

These are some of the street food delights in Kathmandu!


Mo:Mo is merely a food but a culture; a never missed item among Kathmanduites. It is a simple dumpling.  What really enhances the taste is the mo:mo ko achar, ( The sauce dip eaten with MO:MO). They come in different shapes and sizes and the product mix includes steamed mo:mo, Kothey mo:mo,. Jhol mo:mo, open mo:mo, C-Mo:Mo, Chat Mo:Mo and so on. Be it a vegetable filling or chicken, buff and pork, the flour’s tapestry is always intriguing.  The sauce dip also comes in various flavors, basically with a tomato base.


An authentic traditional Newari delight- Samyabaji is for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is the most eaten dish in every Newari household, be it during any feast, rituals or usual family gatherings. With Beaten Rice as its main component, Aloo Achar (Potato Pickle), Bhatmas ( Stir-fried black Soybean), Bodi ko tarkari ( Legume curry), Choila ( Barbecued and marinated meat; usually buffalo meat), Boiled egg, Saag( Green veggies) and Ayla ( Traditional Newari wine) is what completes the dish.


Juju- Dhau- the King of Yogurt, is a sweetened yogurt and is one of my favorites. It is one of its kinds as the traditional recipe is still followed for its preparation. It is a ‘must try’ dish in the lanes of Bhaktapur that will just blow away the heat of summer while your sight is caught with the rich ancient cultural heritages.


Pakodas are deep fried veg appetizers usually eaten alongside Tomato or coriander chutney. These savory and crisp appetizers are definitely ‘ must-eats’.

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Basically stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes in a Puri, and dipped into a tangy tamarind water, this street food will awaken all your senses once you gulp the ‘Pani-Puri’ with a burst of tangy, spicy and sweet water into your mouth.


Its main component is puffed rice that is loaded with onions, coriander, Mama Chauchau (Only in Nepal), boiled potatoes, grams and other legumes and seasoned with salt, lemon, other masalas and is served in a paper wrap. Go try Chatpate if you have a salty tooth just like mine because eating Chatpate is a serious affair!


No saussage is ordinary here. What makes a sausage different in the lanes of Kathmandu is the seasoning of chilli- flakes and spices after it is deep fried and Rich Tomato Sauce. Basically, Chicken and Buff Sausage are famous here.

By: Anusha Kadel