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Dearth of BCG and MR vaccines at health centres

Ministry for Health and Population
Ministry for Health and Population

Kathmandu,18 Dec 2014: The Ministry for Health and Population, which had been availing 10 different types of vaccine for children for free of cost, has been facing the dearth of the essential vaccines like BCG and MR, supposedly for the first time in the its history.

The Health Ministry, organizing a press meet here today, informed that the Ministry has been running short of these vaccines owing to some issues occurred during the procurement process since 2069/70 fiscal year.

BCG vaccine, which provides immunity or protection against tuberculosis, is administered to the children until nine months of their birth whereas MR, a new vaccine, is given to the children against the measles and Rubella.

The Supply Division of the Ministry, which deals with the procurement of the vaccines, called for global tender abiding by the Public Procurement Act, but received tenders with high subscription rates, further delaying the procurement process, explained Krishna Prasad Gautam, the under-secretary of the Division.

At the press meet, Dr Krishna Prasad Poudel, the Chief at Division of Child Health, apologized for the inconvenience caused to the mothers who thronged to the nearest health centers with their infants to vaccinate them.

“I have been receiving the information of shortage of these vaccines in the various districts,” he further said,” To which I answer them to wait for a while.”

Similarly, at the programme, Minister for Health and Population Khagaraj Adhikari assured that the Ministry will soon receive the vaccines as the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has already started the process to procure them.

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