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Dearth of forensic experts in Nepal

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Ratnanagar (Chitwan), 19 October 2014: Doctors and stakeholders have demanded with the concerned authority to appoint adequate forensic experts given a huge human resource crunch in this sector.

They suggested so in a two-day workshop on ‘medical law’ organized by College of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital, Chitwan, that concluded on Saturday.

Dr Sibendra Jha, one of the participants at the workshop, underscored the need for expanding the forensic services to the district-level as the only forensic lab in the capital has been unable to cater to the needs of the country.

Forensic text, a scientific test or technique used in the investigation of crimes, is often used or applied in investigation and establishment of the facts of evidence in a court of law.

Likewise, mitigation of the frequent disputes between the doctors and the citizens has not been successful since the forensic department is not that substantial in the country, the participants opined.

They urged the authority to take into account the expansion and proper management of the forensic labs across the nation so as to smoothen the investigations.

At the workshop, SSP Ramesh Khanal, Dr Nawadutta Subedi, District Court Judge Binod Mohan Acharya among others had offered some 60 new faces in medical field an orientation on laws on various fields as medical, police and legal.

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