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Decline In Prices Of Gold And Silver


May 24, 2015: Gold and sliver prices declined this week after regular rise in bullion market for two condecutive weeks. the prices declined by rs.400 and rs 15 per tola respectively, over the week from may 17-22.

the market opened on sunday with gold price fixed at 53,ooo per tola which remained unchanged till tuesday. however bullion price started to plunge from wednesday and the price of gold slumped by Rs 300 per tola to Rs 52 ,700 per tola and remained unchanged on thursday. with the marginal slump of rs.100 per toal gold price settled at rs. 52,600 per tola closing the weeks trading on friday.

Likewise, price of silver also pluged by Rs 15 per tola which was traded at rs 750 per tola on sunday. On wednesday silver was down Rs 15 per tola to be traded Rs.735 per tola. However, silver edged up by 5 rupees per tola on thursday to be fixed at Rs 740 per tola. silver price closed the weeks trading rs 735 per tola on friday.


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