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Deliverance Of Constitution By Mid-August

Deliverance Of Constitution By Mid-August
Deliverance Of Constitution By Mid-August

Bhaktapur, Aug 9: Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation Mahesh Acharya has reaffirmedabout the deliverance of new constitution by  mid-August.

Minister Acharya apprised about the constitution deliverance , while attending  a sapling plantation programme jointly organized by Department of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management (DoSCWM) and Manoram Society at the bank of Manohara River in Bhaktapur to mark the Soil Conservation Day today.

Stating few minor issues, including secularism were left to garner consensus, he expressed his confidence that the issues will soon come into an agreement.

He further said that although some small political parties were dissent on consensus forged among the four major political parties, the new constitution will be promulgated incorporating their feelings and sentiments.

“Constitution by no mean is a law of permanent nature, it could be amended or revised as per the need,” argues Minister Acharya. aHe also added that none should think that it ends herewith.

On a different note, he spoke of the need to accentuate on the conservation of the soil and increment in the soil’s fertility for the conservation of watershed area. Furthermore, Minister Acharya also underscored the promotion of greenery in the country by saving water and soil.

Speaking at the programme, Secretary of the Forest Ministry, Shankar Prasad Adhikari shared that the government had formulated strategy that accords high importance to the programmes like landslide control and integrated watershed management among others.
Similarly, Director General of DoSCWM Prem Narayan Kandel outlined the importance of afforestation in the barren land at the quake-hit areas so as to strengthen the soil weakened by the quake and subsequent aftershocks.
Some 500 trees’ saplings were planted in today’s program.


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