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Demand For Investigation On Union Worker


Kathmandu, May 5, 2015:The investigation to be carried  on union worker has been demanded by The Nepal Student Union to the government about the rumors on the tents which has been brought for the quake victims have been sold. And also to take strict action those who are involved in such act.

As per the rumors that some of the NSU cadres were selling the different relief materials including the tents that was meant for the quake victims the NSU demand to one and all to inform its central office with evidence of such act.

With the representatives of public media houses the student union close to the ruling Nepali Congress made this demand today holding a discussion.

According to the NSU President and lawmaker Ranjit Karna those evidence should be given before blaming any organization.

Further he stated that, “ The organisation was blamed in order to defame it. We are ready to take action against anyone if such act was proved. The government should also take action against those involved in such wrongful activities during the hour of disaster. The government should take action against those spreading such rumor if the NSU is not found guilty.”

He requested everyone not to spread rumors that may harm the reputation of any organization without any evidence and to stop such act.


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