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Development should be multi dimensional; Nanda Kisor Mandal : an interview

Kathmandu, Nov 11, 2014: Nanda Kisor Mandal, an activist for women empowerment has been working night and days to make his dream come true, to make Nepal a digitally literate country.
He says “Development is not possible unless and until each and every women are literate”
And he believes in doing this digitally.


• About him
He is an MBA in HR from faculty of management studies, Banaras University. He is the Executive Director of Women Development Advocacy Center. He has worked as business consultant, human resource manager, training manager. He believes in Multi Dimensional Development which should include each and every group of people.


• Women Development Advocacy Center
WDAC has been doing several projects on empowering women especially women from Terai. In Terai women are forced to be bound by the four walls of the kitchen while males go to town to work. He says “Males somehow get to know about the world as they spend most of their time on town but on the other hand women detached from the world hardly get to know about outside.” WDAC mainly focuses on uplifting the status of women through education and technology. Their major priority is to digitally link the urban resources with rural area in order to bridge the gap between rural and urban areas.


• What is digital Sikshya?
Digital Sikshya is a program under WDAC (Women Development Advocacy Nepal) to bridge the digital gap between urban and rural area in ICT prospect. It is mainly intended to provide digital education to women in rural areas by the means of E-education.


• Story behind Digital Sikshya
When I used to study in India for my higher study, the only medium to get connected with my family was mobile phone and it was expensive than internet. I did have communication gap with my family. This gave me an inspiration to work in the field of digital education to make Nepalese people digitally literate.


• Digital literacy to you
Digital literacy to me means basic computer knowledge and basic concept of ICT (Information Communication and Technology).


• Programs of Digital Sikshya so far
We have setup 4 computer centers in Dhanusa district, each center consist a cluster of 7-8 VDCs. Computer Association of Nepal is helping us to provide free internet to our computer centers .Presently we are giving basic computer trainings as well as English language classes to B.Ed students (girls). We are giving scholarships to girls studying 1-5 classes. We are adopting the principle of decentralization of digitization through e-education, e-agriculture and e-health.


• Future plan and programs of Digital Sikshya
We are planning to extend our reach to more rural district.


• Thing that you will never forget
I will never forget an incident about a girl during our first class in Dhanusa. She was also from Dhanusa district. She had a brother who used to go to town for computer training. She then asked her parents to let her join the class but her parents refused.She tried her best to convince them but she failed. After a year or so we opened our first computer center in Dhanusa. She was there in our inauguration program. In that program she said that her dream to learn computer has finally come true. She then said I was like her parents. At that instant I felt proud of myself and my work. This is the incident I will never forget.


• Life to you
Life for me is an opportunity to work for other.


• Success to you
I believe success is determined by how grounded you are in the society. No matter how small works you do, if it makes other happy and bring positive change in the society then you are successful person.


• Message to youth
We should never stop pursuing our dreams. We should dream of bringing positive change to the nation.


Interview by: Suman Pandey



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