Dhangadhi airports upgrading at standstill

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Dhangadhi airports upgrading at standstillDhangadhi airports upgrading at standstill

Dhangadi, Jan 19: The upgrading of the Dhangadhi domestic airport, having the longest runway among the domestic airports in the country, is at a standstill following the repeated failure of negotiations with the landowners.

The authorities are holding negotiations for acquiring eight bighas of land towards the east of the airport.

The upgrading, aimed at enhancing the capacity of the airport built in 1964, has not moved ahead at all since the negotiation for compensation with the landowners, whose land had been acquired for the airport’s upgrading, has repeatedly broke down.

According to Rajendra Singh Nayak, Chief of the Dhangadhi airport, the landowners have been demanding higher price than the actual price, which has delayed the upgrading.

The budget allocated for the purpose since 2064 BS has been freezed, owing to failure in negotiation in the price for the land, it is stated.

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