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Dhartiputra, a film by 16 yr old Aditya to be screened in SIFF, USA


Kathmandu, April 17, 2016: Dhartiputra, a film by 16 year old Aditya Khadka has been selected for screening in the Scout International Film Festival (SIFF), USA to be held on June this year. Aditya is finalist of Glocal Teen Hero 2015.

Dhartiputra is a film chronicling the story of Rasmila Awal’s 4 months old son who was buried under own house during April 25, 2015 earthquake for 22 hours and rescued by Nepal police. It has also been nominated for the best documentary award in the festival competing 480 films worldwide in the film festival. The film had also been screened in KIMFF 2016 on a special category Seismic Shift, a short film competition on earthquake and came into third position.

Aditya, maker of the film, at just sixteen year, is a passionate film maker delivering a strong message to the society that age is no bound for a person willing to do something and grab the opportunity, and has literary accomplishments which is worth international exhibitions.

“Filming has been my passion for years. Ever since a kid, I had this dream to become a great filmmaker. I often get lost into my world of imagination. Through films, I can present my imagination to everyone. This fills my heart with immense pleasure and joy”, said Aditya.

Answering about the reason behind the making of Dhartiputra, he says, “Devastated by the mega-earthquake, I wanted to help people to make everything look like before. Instead of staying idly in a comfort zone, I visited the places that were affected the most by the quake to distribute relief materials. Meanwhile, I kept on filming the vulnerable condition of Nepalese. It is really very hard to believe that four months old son survived after being buried under the rubble for over 22 hours. Through this film, I would like to tell the world that anything is possible if your hopes are alive.”

“Making of Dhatiputra will be something I’ll never forget. It has been a huge breakthrough for me. Filming it to the very best was not so easy. I went to re-shoot couple of times. I stayed up till midnight editing the captured videos. But this is something that always happens while filming”, he shares about his journey on making of Dhartiputra. “For me, it is fun actually. I feel very happy when I do so. In the process of filming, I don’t feel hungry or thirsty or sleepy. I just want to go on and on, and get the best result.”

Seeing his film shown in film festivals like Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF) and SIFF, he feels like his childhood dream reached. “I would be very happy and proud if I win the award for the ‘Best Documentary’. First thing that would come to my mind would be to contribute to the earthquake reconstruction”, he shared replying to a query on what he would do if Dhartiputra gets selected as the winning film in the festival. “I would also utilize the prize to make more films.”

Having already won a world-wide story writing competition, he is also the youngest documentary film-maker of Nepal.

He has already made short movies Dusk to Dawn – a movie on bonded laborers getting education, A Dream to Be…… among many others.


By: Basanta Kumar Dhakal