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From my Diary: Attending the National Youth Convergence on Climate Change and SDGs in Butwal


Last week, I got a rare opportunity to attend the National Youth Convergence on Climate Change and SDGs held in Butwal. The conference presented useful topics about the causes of climate change, its impacts, and possible adaption measures for developing and mitigating measures for developed countries. On the occasion, various important discussions were made about sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the ways through which these goals can be accomplished.

The event was a splendid platform for the youths who are engaged in various fields whether it be agriculture, forestry, environmental science, or any others. As youths engaged in these fields have a direct concern about environment conservation, deterioration, and hazards caused by technological revolution and discoveries, this conference made a way out to understand more about the nature we live in.

This forum was a strategic think tank to enhance a constructive dialogue and collaboration on themes relevant to environmental issues. A total of 40 youths from different districts of Nepal had participated the event organized by CliMates Nepal in coordination with various other supporter organizations. The 3 days-long convergence was divided into various sessions to make it more engaging and productive to the participants. The fresh starting of the program with the motivational speech of The Art of Living energized all the attendees. The sessions like Understanding SDGs, Climate Smart Agriculture, Practices and Tools to mitigate Climate Change; A Challenge for Entrepreneurship, and much more made all participants understand the thrilling realities and impacts of climate change.

The workshop about Role of Youth in Climate Action and SDGs seemed especially beneficial as all of us were able to discuss and present our ideas about the role we have to play, challenges, and solution to these problems. Likewise, the workshop about action plan made every individual be responsible for carrying out environment-friendly and innovative ideas in our locality against climate change.

The conference was revolved around the theme ‘ground reality about environmental problems can’t be neglected, rather a possible adaption and mitigation measure is to be applied, and an individual attempt can contribute a lot to attain sustainable development goals.’

Nevertheless, some aspects like efficacious discussion and finding the prime solution to unriddle some problems seemed to be lacking in the programme.

Despite some flaws, the event was an excellent opportunity to gather together, interact and exchange our findings and views during sessions, breaks, and dinner. Consequently, we got to familiarize and befriend with varieties of youths from different cities who possess similar interests on this issue.

Finally, I am grateful for the organizing team for providing me this opportunity to attend the National Youth Convergence, learn ideas, and network with fellow youths concerned on the issues of climate change and SDGs.

By Rakshya Aryal

The writer is a student of B.Sc. Agriculture at Agriculture and Forestry Universtiy, Rampur, Chitwan.

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