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Did you just, GoGazzab?


Kathmandu, March 9, 2016: Opening an online shopping store is popular these days among young entrepreneurs to tap emerging e-commerce market in Nepal. With increasing internet and technology users, this market is flourishing.

Only 10 months old, GoGazzab is an online shopping store ranked #76 by Alexa as of 02/03/2016 making it the second most viewed online platform in Nepal. Driven by a single goal to create delightful shopping experience, GoGazzab strives to make it easy for customers to find the right product at the best value; with features such as product reviews, seller ratings, product comparison, and personalized recommendations. It has more than 25,000 products and more than 100 new products added each day.

In an interview with Glocal Khabar, Sarojani Neupane, Managing Director of GoGazzab says,  “We are trying to bring better customer service and after sales service at Nepal.”

Startup story of Gogazzab

Sarojani Neupane, MD of Gogazzab

After completing undergrad studies and working abroad, founders of GoGazzab returned back to Nepal for their entrepreneurial journey. When they returned and researched, they felt they are not getting the value for what they are paying. “The assurance of what we are paying here was not there. For the same product, we have varying prices in multiple shops. In some places, it was 700 one place and 1200 in another place for the same product. Then we all started brainstorming to do something about it.” said Sarojani Neupane, MD of GoGazzab.

They started with 5 in a team initially and hired people after 3 months. They grew really fast in less than a year with 25 in a team after researching for 6 months which was beyond their expectation. They hired new members every three months. The five core members in a team are from different sectors of finance, legal, human resources and few who have worked in fortune 500 companies where everyone is trying to put their experience and energy for GoGazzab.


At this phase the online store is trending to young entrepreneurs as an easy platform to startup their venture for home itself and online. There is still a need to make people realize that online shopping is easy and convenient. As per GoGazzab, one of the challenges is to convince the standard process of online shopping to customers.

“It’s very difficult than what we think it would be. For temporary and small scale it might be an easier process by selling through Facebook and Instagram. However, lots of human resources, energy, investment is needed. We are trying to reach all over Nepal to gain the trust and provide convenience.“  said Sarojani.

Turning obstacle as an opportunity to take a ride

Eventually after one month of their launch, earthquake destroyed their workplace and had to close down. Again after two months, blockade hit hard to the seed of GoGazzab in the peak time of Dashain market. Thus, new startup was not being able to take up their ride. However, enthusiastic and determined in their aim, the team never got demotivated with all these events and took this as an opportunity. Induction cooker and stove during blockade were their biggest sales and too off their journey.

“At times, though the things got frustrated, we focused on how to move as per this condition and took our flight and grew faster. We all were here with 5 years of plan and ready to face whatever comes in.” said Sarojani.

Work culture at GoGazzab

Startup is not a 9-5 job and all people here are with us since inception and have the feeling of ownership. Playing board games is very popular at GoGazzab and they go for lunch and movies together.

Your Message to youths

“Entrepreneurship is demanding and difficult. There is very less social life and it is hard to manage time during startup but if you are passionate and believe you can do then go for it.”

Gogazzab Team Members

By: Alina Prajapati