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Digital VS Paper: What Do Students prefer?


As the world is going digital, education is also starting to become more digital and technology friendly. While some educational institutions have gotten on board with the digital education, most haven’t. The most educational institution is still focused on the use of the traditional paper-based method of education. In that context, we need to discuss on what is the best alternative.

It is understood that students are more inclined to digital for entertainment but in terms of education, the traditional paper may be better. Parents see problems in eyesight, headaches and other many difficulties when students use computers for education and might sight paper as the best way but let’s see what the students and teachers think.

Ojaswee Das Student

The paper makes me feel more responsible and unlike a digital copy, you don’t have to worry about getting a headache from staring at the screen for too long. But if it was for school, I would go for a digital copy because it really makes things easier. There are different alternatives to the source of information and work can be submitted faster and in a more creative way.

Savishra Kharel Student

Digital of course. The animation makes it seem more real and animation helps to portray a lot of things that can’t be fully depicted in words. Most importantly though, recalling a picture or a scene is easier and so helps to remember things easily. Yes having to add animations and images in digital is a tedious work but the quality of work would require an unthinkable amount of effort to replicate on a piece of paper.

Anusha Kadel Student

I prefer digital. It is easy to study. You can search for information easily and the content is more accessible too. Finally, we choose from a wide range of options making study quite easy. If for say I’m on paper it would be really difficult to search a different book or a different version of the content but on the internet and on digital it’s very easy.

Bhabesh Labh Teacher

 “I think students prefer digital as it fell more fun for them. They enjoy doing work on the computer and they feel they are creating something unique and their creativity is catered to. For most students projects and classes on the computer is the best way to produce work for a college, It also allows them to feel like the work is a game. However, they don’t have the opportunity due to the present situation of colleges and also due to the government’s proprietary paper-based exam.

Sirish Shrestha Student

“I’d much probably prefer digital. In today’s day and age we are engaged in using the internet; be it for social media or entertainment purposes or educating ourselves. So if I’m to my work digitally I can sort of multitask. If our work can be done digitally or if there is a provision for it. I can do my work easily. We can save our progress in cloud storage too, which is much safer than writing in the paper. As for learning, everything we can possibly know is contained on the internet and can be learned digitally. So, I’d prefer digital”

Finally, we can conclude that students are interested and like to use digital but due to the education system and colleges, it’s quite difficult to go digital.      

By: Saugat Pokharel