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Diktel-Battal Road Section Disrupted By Flood


Khotang, July 6, 2015: Diktel-Battal road section in Khotang district has been disrupted  due to week long heavy rainfall, which lead to hundred of local in trouble.

According to transport entrepreneur Raj Kumar Rai, The torrential rainfall has caused landslips in different areas and ditches on the road of the mid hill highway

As Diktel-Battal road is the only road to link the district to the southern plain, The locals are forced to walk on foot for two hours to reach their destinations after the traffic movement along the road came to a halt.

Further it is said that because of road disruption large number of vehicles has been stranded in battal.

Like wise Rai said, traffic disruption along the road section would continue until the job of blacktop of Diktel-Halesi road section was completed


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