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Disaster Risk Reduction Training for Students


Kavre, August 19, 2018: Shree Gorakhnath Basic School provided Disaster Risk Reduction Training (DDR) for students to prepare them from Earthquake, Lightening, etc. Disaster risk reduction helps student about pre-disaster and post-disaster preparedness, safety measures that need to be adopted at the time of disaster, also mental preparation.

Chair of School Management Committee of Shree Gorakhnath Basic School, Narayan Sapkota, said that after the formation of School Disaster Management Committee conducting various awareness programs on disaster risk reduction and DDR was also one among them. DDR aims to aware students and helps them aware the society by sharing what they learned with family members.

After 2015 earthquake, a 15 years old Rita Tamang who from Phalate, Bhumlu Rural Municipality, used to live in a makeshift tent with her family. She recalls, “After several months of staying on the tent and school remaining close, I realized about the lack of my knowledge about the disaster risk reduction. Not knowing about the reduction terrified me and made me fear-stricken”.

Yubaraj Chaudhary, Director of ADRA Nepal said, “ Safe buildings cannot be completely safe if the people are not aware of the risk reduction.” Chaudhary added, “Therefore, we have decided to make schools aware of Disaster Risk Management”.