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District Jail Ilam Inquried The Inmates’ Human Rights Situation


Illam, June 23, 2015 : The District Jail Ilam was surveyed and inquired about the inmates’ human rights situation and their problems by a parliamentary task force under the Social Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Legislature-Parliament on Monday.

The inmates’ suggestions were collected by the task force led by lawmaker Panchkarna Rai to incorporate their concerns in the new constitution. Similarly, other lawmakers visiting the district include Bhotanidevi Khawas, Pyarelal Rana, Sabina Prabin and Kamal Dong.

The lack of proper treatment facilities, toilet and drinking water were the major problems of the inmates due to overcrowd in the jail, leader of the inmates, Manbir Limbu, mentioned during the occasion.Likewise, the jailbirds also expressed the dissapointment that the minimum facilities given by the state was insufficient for their living.

The demands of the inmates were appropriate and promised to fulfill their concerns after the beginning of the House session, Coordinator of Taskforce Rai said. Also, Chief of the Ilam Jail, Durga Dulal, informed the lawmakers about related issues and the existing situation of the prison house.


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