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District Public Health Office Treated Over 5000 Patients


Over 5,000 patients are receiving treatment against swine flu here in Jajorkot district.

According to District Public Health Office “the health workers are treating patients of 12 VDCs”. They have treated 659 patients from Archhani, 1,682 from Paink, 380 from Sakla, 570 from Nayakbada, 574 from Pajaru, 832 from Talegaun, 317 from Dhime, 119 from Rokayagaun, 20 from Ramidanda and 160 from Majkot. District Health office added that the number of treated patients from Majkot, Dashera, Kotag and Garkhakot VDCs is not available.

Health workers said the patients were suffering from cough and cold. The disease is spreading widely due to the lack of sanitation, nutrition and drinking water.

Dr. Govinda KC who is involved in the treatment said that most of the patients were infected through common cold, flu and seasonal diseases. Illiteracy, lack of sanitation and urban centered health services are the main reasons behind the spreading of disease added Dr. Kc.

District Public Health Office said they have appointed 270 women health volunteers to create awareness program and to bring patients to health posts for necessary treatment. Only the people of Painka and Achhani know that it is flu but the people of other VDC didn’t know about it.


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