DoE unveils Consolidated Equity Strategy for the School Education Sector -2014

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DoE unveils Consolidated Equity Strategy for the School Education Sector -2014

Kathmandu,15 Dec 2014: The Gender Equity Division at the Department of Education under the Ministry of Education has unveiled the Consolidation Equity Strategy for the School Education Section- 2014 with an objective to ensure the equal access to education of the children of the targeted group who are deprived of a quality education.

At a press meet organized by the Ministry of Education here today, the officials concerned said the strategy is prepared according to the School Reform Plan Mid-term Evaluation Committee -2012 and is formulated with the financial and technical assistance of educational partner organizations as the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) , the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the World Bank and Save the Children.

The strategy aims to achieve the equal access to education of the children for the school level education in the country where there are around 123 languages recorded to be spoken and 126 ethnic groups, and many children from these sections have not been able to get quality education, owing to various reasons as differences in geography, gender, ethnicity, economic condition, and  physical and mental condition, among others.

Tek Narayan Pandey, the Director of the Gender Equity Division, said that the strategy would prove to be a landmark achievement for having the equal access of the children to the education gender-wise too.

Director Pandey also stated the implementation of the strategy would help reduce the rate of school dropout, mainly because of the financial constraint.

The strategy comprises identification of the most backward group of children and those deprived of education, those who leave the school half way, etc, through the various statistics and observation, to determine the kind of support they need, ensuring their equal access to education and the like.

The strategy also states that efforts would be made to address the obstacles inside and outside of the school for the schools to function smoothly, providing quality education.

The strategy also aims to strengthen the Educational Management System, devise the Equity Index for the even distribution of the financial resources for the educational sector.

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