Home Health Dogadakedar to give Allowance for mothers giving Birth to a Girl Child

Dogadakedar to give Allowance for mothers giving Birth to a Girl Child


Baitdai, 11 January, 2018: Dogadakedar Rural Municipality of Baitadi is set to present Rs 1,000 as a consolation allowance to a woman who will give birth to a girl child. Through this initiation, Dogadakedar has become the first rural municipality to encourage the birth of a girl child in Baitadi.

Government of Nepal (GoN) provides Rs 1,000 to a mother delivering a child in the health facility and additional Rs 400 is provided if she undergoes health checkups four times during the pregnancy period. But, the new mother of a baby girl will bag an additional allowance.

According to Parvati Karki, the Vice-Chairman of the rural municipality, the main motive behind this initiation is to discard the discrimination between a girl and a boy child.

“Although our society is progressing, disparity between son and daughter is still existing. Through this allowance, we believe we can terminate the discrimination.” Parvati mentioned.

Kunti Bhal, a local of Dogadakedar rural municipality, was extremely delighted by the allowance. She indicated, “The money is meager in terms of the monetary value, but we are really happy with the encouragement we have been receiving.”

Prem Bahadur Chand, Shreekot Health Post officer, asserted that this allowance would give a positive upshot to minimize the discrimination between girls and boys.

Image Source: UNFPA Nepal