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Domestic Footwear Industry Flourishes


Kathmandu, November 7, 2016: Nepali footwear industries, in the recent years, have been able to flourish in the domestic market. Bansbari Leather and Shoe factory was the pioneer to start manufacturing domestic footwear in 2021 BS. With the rise in demand of domestic footwears in the country,  many more domestic footwear industries have been established in the country. As per the small and cottage scale industries, there are 850 registered footwear industries in Nepal. As per Footwear Manufacture’s Association of Nepal, there are more than 2000 footwear factories operating in the country including both registered and non-registered.

According to Footwear Manufactures Association of Nepal, more than Rs 12 billion is invested in Nepali footwear industry. “Given that the footwear factories produce quality products, the investment in the sector will further increases,” said the association. The association also informed of providing direct employment to more than 100,000 people in the sector.

The association opined that the production of quality and attractive designs footwear has led to decline in the import of foreign footwear. Domestic footwear which occupied only 25-30 percent Nepali market before some years has now occupied 65 percent of the market. The remaining 35 percent is still occupied by foreign footwear.

Nepali footwear industry contributes one percent to the GDP of the country, say industrialists. The industrialists opine that the government should create favorable environment to foster the growth of footwear industries.  Presently, Shikhar, Fit Rite, Royal Shoes, Takura and Glodstar are some of the popular Nepali footwear brands. According to Footwear Manufactures Association, among these brands the demand for Goldstar is increasing sharply both in national and international market.