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Donor-funded solar mill idle


Babiyachaur (Myagdi), Dec 7: The solar mills which were installed at rural area of Myagdi district on the funding of donor agency now are lying idle.
The solar mills set up with the financial assistance of the European Union have been in the state of sorry affairs due to no timely maintenance and effective use.
Three solar-enabled mills were established at Mudei, Rum and Arman of Myagdi in 2068 BS as part of the Renewable Energy Project of EU.
The equipments of the solar mills now are dysfunctional.
Though the operation in early months was smooth the solar mills now are lying idle for no effective use, said solar mill operator at Mudi Gau Bahadur Roka. “The solar mill is not effective as it takes more time to crush grains in comparison to electricity-enabled mills”, he added. RSS


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