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Don’t Panic about Ebola!


The story is based on the Interview with Mr. Krishna Khanal, Bio Security Expert10638112_10203215660004850_278328486_n

Ebola, an epidemic, is creating lifeless in Africa and panic all over the world. Discovered in 1976 in Republic of Canoga, this disease affected 318 people killing 90% (280) of sufferer. It’s a RNA virus which requires host and is geometric in nature which is found in fruit bats, chimpanzees, and porcupine. In Africa, fruit bat is a delicacy and in taking of those under cooked bats originally transferred the virus to the human body causing death. During death ritual at Africa, this virus gets chance to transfer to the new hosts as dead bodies are physically touched (Hugging, and kissing.).

Also, known as “Category A – bio weapon”, Ebola – a terrorist group (Aum Shin Rikyo) in japan tried to make this virus a form of weapon followed by the U.S and Russia. Meanwhile, Bio-weapon convention sealed such bio-hazard.

“People should not panic looking at the social media updates about Ebola and focus more in personal hygiene.” said Mr. Krishna Khanal, a bio-security expert. “Chances for this epidemic to create problem are low for Nepal and other south Asian country for certain time.” He also added that initial symptoms of virus are so common to people that it becomes hard to detect. However, internal bleeding occurs in the body when you are affected with Ebola which later leads to organ failure and death of victim. Extensive therapy could help people survive in some extend. This therapy is associated with charging body with electrolytes, hydrating body. Only few victims are able to recover through this therapy but those who are unable to recover follows orifices. As people from Liberia, Nigeria, Pappu New Geneua, Republic of Congra, Sierra Leone are strong suspect for this disease, he suggested to quarantine return backs and citizens of those countries at airport.

Wiping out approximately 50% of its victim, vaccine treatment for this fluidic disease is still experimental. However, World Health Organization has permitted to use all the possible drugs that aren’t tested yet. Experimental drugs like TKM Ebola and ZMAPP are in use. ZMAPP seems more responding to the virus. Mr. Khanal told the best method for prevention in developed and underdeveloped countries could be through application of immunization tool, new vaccine strategy, and proper awareness and education about the disease.


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