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Door For Investment Has Opened In Nepal; PM Sushil Koirala


Brussels (Belgium), Oct 1:  Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said the door for investment has opened for the international community with the government’s latest decision regarding electricity development.

The Prime Minister, who is in Belgium in course of returning home after attending the United Nations 69th General Assembly in New York, said so while addressing to the Non Resident Nepalis Association (NRNA) office-bearers and the members of the Nepali community here today.

“The cooperation of all sides is needed for the country’s development; a good climate for investment is gradually developing in the country, the law and order is well-maintained and all the Nepalis living abroad should play the role like that of an ambassador  for bringing in investment in Nepal,” Prime Minister Koirala said.

Expressing that special attention would be paid to the aspect of incorporating provisions of seperation of power, an independent and accountable judiciary and the government responsible to the Parliament in a proposed new constitution, PM Koirala said the government was working keeping in priority corruption control and development.

On the occasion, the office-holders of the NRNA and various liaison committees drew the attention of the Prime Minister towards the condition of the Nepalis living in Belgium and the problems they have been facing as well as to the initiatives the government needs to take for resolving their problems.



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