DPM Singh Urges Agitating Parties to Join Dialogue Table

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DPM Singh Urges Agitating Parties to Join Dialogue Table

Ilam, March 2,2015: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Development, Prakash Man Singh, has urged the agitating political parties to join the dialogue table without setting any condition.
At a press meet organized by Nepal Press Union’s Ilam Chapter here this morning, DPM Singh said if the second Constituent Assembly also fails to deliver constitution, it will stain country’s history. If the constitution is made through consensus and collaboration, it will bring durable peace, he added.
“Let’s give up something. Let’s exercise flexibility,” he requested all political parties and stressed the need for talks.
DPM Singh further said almost all political parties had forged agreement on the electoral system, form of governance and federalism, but only giving finishing touch was remained.
There was no alternative to bringing constitution to free the country from instability, according to him.
On a different note, the DPM said there would be no change in the present government.

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