DPM Singh vows rights of indigenious group in new constitution

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DPM Singh vows rights of indigenious group in new constitution

Chapagaun (Lalitpur), 10 Jan 2015: Deputy Prime Minister Prakashman Singh said that the rights of the indigenous groups will be ensured in the new constitution, slated to be delivered on 22 this month.

Singh asserted so at a meeting organized here by the National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities.

Singh, who is also the co-chairman of the Foundation, expressed his commitment to ensure the participation of the indigenous people at every level of government bodies, from village to policy making level.

He also informed that the government was effortful to enlist the name of the indigenous groups in Nepal that were missing to be enlisted earlier.

The number of the indigenous people in Nepal was pegged at 37 per cent in the last census.

At the programme, Singh also shared that the Foundation is soon bringing a museum into operation showcasing the features of various indigenous groups and constructing an inclusive building in memoir of Nepali Congress late Ganeshman Singh.

Similarly, Jhak Bahadur Thapamagar, the Vice Chairman of the Foundation shed light on the various initiatives undertaken by the Foundation, the as relief distribution for indigenous people, vocational training for them among others.

Stating that the budget allocated by the government for the Foundation was very low, Vice Chairman Thapamagar underscored the need to consider an increment in the same.




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